Holding an Image

Performance with Emma-Kate Guimond.

A series of gestures attempting to hold an image in conversation.

  • For School of Making Thinking
  • Date May 2016

The performance entails a sequence of similar but different actions. It is about attempting to hold a picture; showing it to another under the understanding that showing is also reading and that seeing means being held in a moment. Words are there because something is absent. You know something is absent because you keep encountering it in the traces. A friend asked, how do we know when a concept has been transfigured into a non-worded substance: We know by means of repetitive encounter.Reading is a way of repeating, of holding the traces, of holding images. Bearing the words and non-words.

Emma-Kate Guimond is a performance artist whose work scrutinizes the difference between what is felt and what is understood, while employing strategies from various performative modes. She is one third of the feminist collective WIVES and an MFA candidate at UQAM.